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Incredible Art

Every conceivable class and style of tattoo art is presented here in ready to print and use format.

This is nothing but the highest quality unqiue tattoo art.

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Some of the asian designs date back 1000 years or more.

You simply must see this collection to understand it.

Tribals, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Japanese, Occult Power Designs, Classic sailor designs from the 50s,
Animals, flowers, you name it. 



Jam-packed with hundreds of top
quality tattoo flash and tattoo designs like:

  • Tribal
  • Celtic
  • Decorative
  • Dragons
  • Assorted Flash
  • Angels
  • Butterflies
  • Floral
  • Patriotic
  • Zodiac
  • Chinese Zodiac
  • Chinese Characters

    Plus all this: 
  • Beginners Guide to Getting a Tattoo
  • Tattoo Safety Precautions
  • Choosing a Tattoo Parlor
  • Tattoo Care
  • History of Tattoos

Everything you need to plan for, get, and care for your artwork!!

Planning to get inked and looking for that perfect tattoo? Browse hundreds of designs, pick the one you like, print it and show your artist.

Looking to add some new flash to your own Tattoo shop?...print out the designs and insert them in your gallery.


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Thousand upon Thousands fo pages of tattoos information and designs



EVERYTHING you need to know about SELECTING, GETTING and CARING for your tattoo !


Here is just a small list of Tattoo Design Ideas and photos by the following Categories:


Japanese Characters + Meanings / Explanations

Stylized Living Beings Tattoos

Ornamental & Decorative Tattoos


Tribal Dragons

Alien Tattoos

Angel Tattoos

Animal Tattoos

Asian Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

Cartoon Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos

Clown Tattoos

Cross Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos

Fairy Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

Monster Tattoos

Native American

Pinup Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

Skeleton Tattoos

Sun and Star Tattoos

Symbol Tattoos

and thousands upon thousands MORE!




Furthermore all of the following questions will be answered in detail:


Does it hurt?

What about anaesthetics?

Should i get a tattoo in the first place?

Why do I want one?

Religious (christian) arguments

A temporary alternative?

The decision process -- making the big plunge: whee can i find a good artist, and what should i look for in tattoo artist?

What images do you think of when you think of a tattoo?

What kind of colors can i get?

How to look around in the shop?

Asking to see their portofolio

What to look for in their portofolio?

What kind of questions to ask?

What sorts of things to look for in shop

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What to ask from artists?

Are tattoo shops insured?

How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

How should i act when i get in that chair?

Where on my body should i get a tattoo?

Can I get infectious diseases from tattoo needles?

What to look for in a sanitary shop environment.

Can I get AIDS from tattooing?

Can my tattoos get infected?

How to look for sterilization

Are there any medical conditions that will preclude me from getting a tattoo?

What is the Alliance of Professional Tattooists?

Should I get a vaccination shot against hepatitis?

Advice From A Medical Doctor?

Common Misconceptions With No Basis In Reality?

What Are Some Bad Things For My New Tattoo?

It Is True That Suntanning To A Considerable Extent Not Only Damages Your Skin But Fades The Tattoos?

How Do I Care For My New Tattoo?

What is Minimal Moisturizer Method Ancient Art Tattoo,

What is Pat-With-Listerine Method From Tattoos Unlimited (London, Canada)?

What is the Wait-24-Hours-To-Take-Off-Dressing Method From Joker’s Wild (London, Canada)?

What is the Coconut-Oil-Itch-Relief Method From Blue Dragon Tattoos (London, Canada)

What is the Huck Spalding Method From Huck Spalding`s “Tattooing A To Z”

What is the Noxzema Method From Lance Bailey ?





We will mail your cd as soon as you complete the payment process. They are designed to be viewed on your computer and printed to take to your favorite tattoo shop.



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